Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC)

Corporate HVAC is not a job for amateurs. Get your office or factory systems installed by our skilled engineers who know the industry and have the relevant experience.


Refrigeration Systems

Installation of large-scale refrigeration takes intelligent planning and careful supervision. Selanya Consulting employ world class methods to ensure that yours is done correctly.


Plumbing & Drainage

Plumbing and drainage systems should be tailored to meet your company or factory’s unique requirements. Our team of engineers are more than ready for the task.


Solar Water Heating systems

Whether you want to save on your grid power or go off the grid completely, Selanya Consulting are experts at solar water heater supply and installation.


Fire Protection Systems

Factories and large industrial warehouses are always at risk of fire. Protect your business through our innovative fire systems which will be tailored to suit your building’s specific needs.


Piped Gas Installations

Many factories in South Africa rely on highly specialised machines—and many of these machines run on gas. Selanya Consulting manages and installs the piping systems that are integral to your production.


Elevator & Escalator Installations

Large corporate structures and shopping malls need ease of access throughout. Elevators and escalators provide that access—and we are ready to implement them into your building project.


Building Management Systems (BMS)

Large-scale building has various requirements that must be adhered to. Selanya Consulting are leaders in BMS implementation and will walk you through every aspect of our systems.


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Professional Services

The scope of professional services comprises:
  • Feasibility Studies & Reports and Planning Proposals
  • Concept and Detailed Project Designs & Drawings
  • Equipment Selection & Specifications
  • Economic Evaluation & Cost Estimation
  • Tender Documentation & Tender Adjudication
  • Contract Administration, Construction Monitoring & Engineering Project Management
  • Testing, Commissioning & Quality Reports
  • Close-out and Maintenance Documentation
  • Technical Audits & Building Surveys
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Our professional services include a variety of different types of facilities such as: Commercial Office Buildings, Residential Housing, Shopping Centres, Industrial Buildings & Factories, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Clinics & Laboratories, Sports & Recreation Facilities, Hotels & Lodges.

About Us

Selanya Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd is a wholly black-owned company registered in 2002 to carry out business as professional electrical and mechanical consulting engineers. The firm offers electrical and mechanical engineering consultancy services in infrastructure development to the construction and building services industry and to the electrical power utilities.

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